Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graduation Card...

Hello there!  I made this really simple graduation card last night for my neighbor's daughter, we got invited to her graduation party this coming weekend.

Here it is, I used her school colors...hope she likes it...


Stamp set : Taylored Expression - Dream Big
Paper       : Stampin UP!
Adhesive  : Scraperfect - Best Glue Ever...I LOVE that this glue doesn't wrinkle my paper or ribbon!!!
Before stamping my image, I used Scraperfect - Perfect Crafting Pouch  to make my image more BOLD!

Thanks for stopping by!
Thelma ;0)


  1. such a cute card! Love the cap border!

  2. Hi Thelma,
    I follow pages from the heart too. Your picture looked maybe from one of my meetup groups?. Anyway, it's cool that you have a blog too, and a very cute blog. Nice grad card, love the colors. I like that you used her school colors.